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'2 Minutes to Save a Life' - Free Mouth Cancer Screening from Illume

On Tuesday 26th November Illume Dental Practice held an open day where it offered free mouth cancer screening in of support Mouth Cancer Action Month.

The screening event was a great success, where Illume welcomed many individuals who were not part of the practice for free mouth cancer screening. It also received great support from local news channels who encouraged local citizens to take advantage of the free offer.

The screening event was  is part of Illume’s accreditation under the MCSAS, where Illume ensures mouth cancer screening is available to people who are not registered clients under the ‘Free Mouth Cancer Screening – 2 Minutes to Save a Life’ initiative.

Many practices carry out screening, however Illume is the first dental practice in Cheltenham to receive this accreditation, which is only awarded to practices that have completed the required continuous professional development and training implemented by the Mouth cancer Foundation.

Prior to receiving the accreditation, Illume provided its clients with mouth cancer screening as part of its healthy mouth review service, a thorough examination which is very different from a quick dental check-up. During this examination Illume dentists screen the soft tissues of the mouth (tongue, cheeks, lips, palate and floor of the mouth) for signs of mouth cancer and other diseases, discuss risks and prevention and ensure rapid referral to hospital specialists when appropriate.

Practice Owner Tim Rumney confirms, “Here at Illume we provide all current and new clients with a mouth cancer screening. This is an integral part of every healthy Mouth Review and New Client Consultation. Regular screening increases the likelihood of early detection, which is key to saving lives.”

The ‘Free Mouth Cancer Screening – 2 Minutes to Save a Life’ initiative is an on-going service at Illume. Tim Continues, “Providing free mouth cancer screening as a permanent service ensures Illume fulfils its responsibility to the Mouth Cancer Foundation’s accreditation scheme, to our clients and to the wider population. Dentists are in a great position to spot mouth cancer and other oral conditions - providing a free service to help screen for such diseases greatly benefits the public and aids our ability to increase early detection, and therefore, survival rates.”

Illume has launched a new web page dedicated to mouth cancer, its causes, signs, symptoms and statistics to improve public awareness of the condition.

Finally, Illume urges anyone concerned about mouth cancer, or anyone looking for regular screening to contact the practice to arrange a suitable appointment.