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Dry January can lead to healthier drinking habits

A new study published in the journal Health Psychology finds that abstinence challenges such as Dry January do lead to people making positive changes toward healthier drinking and this is welcomed by ... [More]

Creating Kissability with our new-look signage

Here at Illume we have been Creating Kissability since 1987 and, to celebrate this milestone, we have updated our Cheltenham-based practice by installing new outside signage. The distinctive kiss use... [More]

You too can have straighter, whiter teeth

There’s nothing like a close-up photograph to reveal just how bright your teeth are – and here our client Amy takes the idea to new heights by using her phone to really focus in on her own... [More]

Are your daily cuppas good for you?

In the UK we reportedly drink 165 million cups of tea and 70 million cups of coffee a day. With such high rates of consumption we think it’s worth looking at the effects these drinks can have on... [More]

Don’t be tempted by unsafe DIY orthodontics

The team at Illume dental practice in Cheltenham is pleased to read that The British Orthodontic Society has warned people of the dangers associated with DIY braces which are now available on line. T... [More]