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Welcome to the Illume blog. We are not just about dentistry, we are about championing the importance of doing things properly. With our blog we aim to give you a more detailed insight into the sort of people we are as well as keeping you up-to-date with the latest developments in dentistry and news from our practice in Cheltenham.

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Are you longing for a Silent Night?

OFFER EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARY 31st 2012! Do you wish peace on earth and goodwill to all men and women – even those who keep you awake at night with their snoring?Whether you are the snorer or th... [More]

We have a winner...........

We are very pleased to announce that Mr J Pilkington is the most recent winner of our wine prize draw! He looks very happy receiving his delicous prize! For your chance to win the next prize draw cli... [More]

Where it all started……………..

One of the main drivers behind our refurbishment was the new Department of Health Regulations, known as HTM 01-05. This has challenged the way in which dental practices process and decontaminate instr... [More]

You are invited!

Our refurbishment project is finished and we are very pleased with the result! Please don't take our word for it though - come and see it for yourself! We are inviting you, your family and friends t... [More]

Refurbishment Update - 4 July 2011

Our refurbishment continues to take shape rapidly.   We are now well advanced with the most difficult part and have had a couple of weeks of having to ask our clients to wait in rather cramped ... [More]